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Jacob Black
C'mon. You've HAD to have known this was coming.

Anyway, Concept of Jacob Black isn't much here. However, there IS a little twist to this.

Unlike Goku Black, aka Zamasu, Jacob Black LOVES Mortals, and is interested on how they develop. In his world, he was also trained by Vergil, HOWEVER... The Vergil in question achieved the power he longed for long ago. Soooo.... Vergil Black? Idk, We'll see where this goes.

Oh, and apparently his Eternal Flare Color is Reddish-Pink. Sooo... Natural Rage and Love for Mortals. Sooo... yeah.

And in case you didn't catch on, apparently every Jacob has their own Harem, one way or another. Not so surprising, I know. But hey, RP-induced stupidity these days.
The Angel of Death, Kyoshoku Alraed Uchiha
Because I was bored

Anyway, traced this from KyrosX pic from just today. It was so good i decided to work my magic. This is the original pic…

But yeah. Also, Flames of Emotion Aura + Omniversal Powers. YAY.

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WARNING: The following contains sexual themes like Ecchi, Mature Language swearing and somewhat "offensive" slurs, and slight religious/satanic content. And also, contents of "Unoriginality" are riddled in the following story. If you're sensitive to this kind of content; Then please, for your own good, do not bother to read this.

O + D S1 Episode 5 by TheAngelofDeathKAU

The night time sky had set in on Okami Academy, as the camera had panned down too the school building and inside of a class room with a nice red glow... the inside of that class room was home to the kinky, yet inviting Redlight Club. Led by one of the school's most handsome students....Adam Loupose.

Adam's voice: Ok Mon Cherie! Now pose for me, show me those nice curves so everyone can see 'zem!

Oh BTW...he's French.

Female Okami: Like this? -poses with her butt hanging out-

Adam: Ohonhon!! Oui! C'est Manifique! -takes pictures of her in several poses-

Female Okami: Thank you for taking these. -is holding pictures of herself- These are amazing! They'll work perfectly for the yearbook's swimsuit section.

Adam:-holds a rose and bows- C'est bien mon Cherie. T'was nothing at all. Someone with your caliber of beauty should not have too sit in the shadows. Proclaim it too 'ze world! Beauty is something to be celebrated. That is why I created 'ze Redlight club!

Female Okami: You.. You really think I'm beautiful?! OwO -blushes- Your like...the hottest guy in school! I bet you say that too all the girls.

Adam:-holds her hands- Oh no Mi Amour......You are truly 'ze most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on...-his eyes shine as does hers- Your eyes...'ze sparkle under the moonlight, like two beautiful cesspools of sapphire blue water....

Female Okami: Adam.... -they kiss, then things get sexual-

[Rosario + Vampire Ost - Oh ~yeh~]

Adam:-swirls his tongue around hers, then kisses down her body-

Female Okami: Adam...You don't have too do this.....

Adam: Ah Mi amor.....but I do....-takes off her panties-

Female Okami: Oh Adam you beast! X3

Adam: Come now Mon Cherie....We are both you say...destiny....-licks lips and continues kissing her, they start too "Do it"-

Female Okami:-moans as they kiss and fuck- MMMM!!! -thinks: Wait...why do I suddenly feel weaker?-

Adam:-keeps kissing her and does not let her up for air-

Female:-slaps Adam's back telling her to get off- MMMPHY!!! MMMPPH!!!! -stars screaming-

-her scream can be heard as the camera pans outside, music ends-

Episode 5: Slimey Mystery & A Demon!!

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Paya Paya]

It was morning time and After last week's episode of Okami + Demon, Peppermint & Jacob Settled with the Newspaper club. But they were faced with one little tiny problem....

Diane: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHH!!! There's no good stories!!! -slams a paper down onto the desk- WE need a scoop in order too get this club up and running. But there's no REAL stories out there!

Peppermint: Maybe we can find another story if we research the other clubs?

Diane: I highly doubt that. >XP Considering all the clubs are full of nothing but weirdos.

Jacob: -thinks: Better than no members.-

Tsuchina: What if we tried different marketing tactics? There has too be a story somewhere.

Diane: Y'know what, both ideas we could actually run with. Considering I have the PERFECT idea for our marketing campaign. =w=

Tsuchina:-gets up and points- OH NO! > I know that look on your face!

Diane: What look?

Tsuchina: Whenever you get that look on your face you have a devious idea, then it ends up blowing up in everyone else's face. It's a cartoon trope that's been around for ages. -turns too everyone else- I suggest we go with Peppermint's idea. -points behind her with her thumb- Don't listen too Brown boobs over there! >XP

Diane:-smacks Tsuchina's ass-

Tsuchina: OWWWW!! DX -rubs her ass- OWWHOHOHOWWWW....

Diane: Just hear me out.

Peppermint: your idea Diane?

Diane: Oh you're about to find out... >:3

Jacob: -crosses arms, tilting his head slightly- Somehow I get the feeling it's gonna get a little... Lewd.

Loki: -flies up on the screen- You have no idea how right you're going to be! WHEE! -flies away-

-music ends, and scene skids to outside-

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Churu Churu Paya Paya]

Diane:-is in a playboy Bunny Suit- HELLO OKAMI ACADEMY!!! Come and get a newspaper today!!!

Boys:-all clamour over Diane and the other girls-

Tsuchina:-is stuck in a blue bunny suit- SHE'S NOT SERIOUS IS SHE? -_-'

Peppermint:-is in a bubblegum pink Bunny suit- Why me?! DX

Diane: We've got the latest scoop on your favorite stories! Plus you get too enjoy all this EYE CANDY! -holds up Peppermint's breasts-

Peppermint: WAH! DIANE! DX

Boys:-cheer in delight- OwO

Jacob:-comes outside drinking Mountain Dew- Alright Diane, what did you pull- -sees Peppermint's large breasts being held up- ... Perverted Nose Bleed -falls down-

Peppermint: JACOB!!! D= -runs to him-

Diane: Hey! D=<

Peppermint:-shakes him constantly- Jake speak too me please! Don't die of blood loss on me! D:

Jacob:-eyes spiral- @_@

Peppermint: JACOB YOU HAVE TOO BE ALIVE!! PLEASE!! DX -kisses his neck and sucks out his flames, makes the sexual moaning sound from before- MMMMMmm....

Jacob:-skin turns red and ears steam like a steam whistle- ALLRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! I'M UP JUST PLEASE DONT BITE MEEEHEHEEEE!!! JESUS!!!

-music ends-


Peppermint: I'm not sure I like Diane's new methods of advertising....T_T

Jacob: I don't really have an opinion on this, sooo...

Peppermint: I swear that girl tries too hard. XP

Jacob: That or she's thirsty for me.

Peppermint:-giggles- True. I hope your okay Jake?

Jacob: Huh? Oh. Yeah. I'm fine. Takes more than just a couple of boobs to kill me. Although I won't lie... yours are pretty nice. -wiping his nose blood-

Peppermint:-blushes- Um...thanks...-twiddles her fingers- Kinda torn on whether too take that as a compliment or not. X/

Jacob: Blink ...I was just being honest. But if I had to speak the actual truth... You're very beautiful in my eyes.

Peppermint:-stops, blushes even more- Really?

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Dabadabada]

Jacob: Really. -blushes casually and looks into her eyes-

Peppermint:-smiles without showing teeth- Thank you...Jacob....

Jacob: Peppermint... I think you're actually pretty...

Peppermint: T-Thank you... so.. -both of them get close-

-someone is walking along the pathway-

Peppermint: Jacob..... -leans into him-

Jacob: Peppermint...... -leans into her-

Peppermint: Jacob.... -leans closer-

Jacob: Peppermint... -leans closer-

Peppermint:-their lips are almost touching at this point- Jacob......

Jacob: Peppermint....-is about too share a kiss with her-

-music abruptly stops once a figure accidentally bumps into Jacob, knocking him on top of Peppermint-

Peppermint: WAH!!

Jacob: WHOA! -falls down on top of her, eyes are closed, opens them- The hell was that... You okay Peppermint? -looks at her-

Peppermint:-a lot of her cleavage is showing-

Jacob: .................. -holds in his nosebleed- -thinks: NOT... TWICE IN A ROW...-

Peppermint: I'm ok.... D=>

Jacob:-looks up at the figure- 'Xcuse me, can you PLEASE watch where you're going?!

Adam's voice: Oh my! Pardon Me, Monsieur. I am very sorry for bumping into you like that. -gets up and flips his hair back-

Peppermint:-gasps slightly-

[Rosario + Vampire OST- Classmate]

Peppermint: OH my god! -gets up and throws Jacob off-

Jacob: -head crashes into the wall- -thinks: I keep forgetting how strong Peppermint is...- -sweatdrops-

Peppermint: I know you. Your Adam Loupose. Right? One of the most popular boys in school!

Adam: Oui Oui Madame. I am Adam Loupose. -holds a rose in his hand-

Peppermint:-eyes shine- HAAAAAAAAAA. Your just as handsome as everyone says you are! It's nice too meet you. My name is Peppermint Sotoyomai.

Adam:-gets on one knee, takes her hand and kisses it-

Peppermint: Oh?...-blushes slightly-

Jacob:-gets up and dusts himself off, sees Adam kissing Peppermint's hand- ..... -blinks- Uhhhhh.....? The fuck?

Adam: Mon Cherie...Thine beauty is plentiful like the fruit from the tree of life. I have searched far and wide for a beauty such as yourself, one too be apart of 'ze redlight club.

Peppermint: The Redlight club?

Adam: Oui! It is a special club dedicated too taking pictures of pretty girls and putting them in l'annuaire!

Peppermint: What's...l'annuaire? O3O

Adam: 'Zat is French for "The Yearbook" Madame.

Peppermint: Oh! Well that would be nice...but i'm..not sure if i'd want too-

Adam: S'il vous plaît mon Cherie? I promise you for certain, once I take pictures of you, your face shall be immortalized in 'ze yearbook! People will adore you! And plus, you are quite a sight too behold.

Peppermint: Wow. I didn't know I was that pretty! X3

Adam: Oui Oui!

Jacob: -thinks: What the hell is he doing? Can't tell if he's asking her to be part of his club, or hitting on her..-

God help Adam if it's the latter...

Adam: So join me, my darling. Let me show 'ze school your beauty. Because beauty like yours....should never be kept in 'ze dark. -kisses her hand again-

Jacob: -thinks: Got my answer- -walks over to them and gets Peppermint's hand away from him- Enough flirting.

-music ends-

Peppermint: ?! Jake what are you doing?

Jacob: -narrows eyes at Adam- I don't know who do you think you are, but It's getting a little annoying seeing you literally kiss up to Peppermint like this.

Adam: Mon Seigneur! Such hostility! I am only doing what you fail to do mon ami...

Jacob: -glares a bit- I'm sorry, I don't follow.

[Persona 3 OST - Troubled]

Adam: I mean it seems you fail to recognize what you have...I lovely young lady like herself doesn't belong in 'ze arms of someone have her come too my club...she will most likely join and be a "Permanent member" .... -grins-

It was clear what the French Okami was trying to do. Provoke Jacob. But what Adam fails to realize is that Jacob knows how to dictate one situation from another. In his assassination training, he was taught to never engage unless he, for sure, knows his opponent's true intentions. Patience leads to a good assassination.... So Jacob had to calm down a bit and think...

Jacob: ... -smirks-

Adam: ?

Jacob: -takes Peppermint's hand gently- Y'say that you want her to be a permanent member of your club, right? See, that would be possible... If her elegance wasn't ALREADY in another club... -kisses it-

Peppermint: !!! -face turn red- O////O

Adam: ! -growls slightly- ... -calms down- I am only trying too show 'ze world just how beautiful she is. Nothing more, nothing less...

Jacob: -lets go of Peppermint's hand- If that's the case, then we'll let her decide. -looks at Peppermint-

Peppermint: -whispers- Jake, what are you doing?

Jacob: -whispers back- This is perfect. It could be a perfect story for the newspaper club.

Peppermint: ... ! -idea bulb- -thinks: OHHHH... NOW I see.- I'd be happy to join you in the redlight club Adam. ^^

Adam: C'est Manifique! Be in 'zis classroom in an hour. I shall take pictures of you then my lovely little flower. -kisses her hand-

Jacob: -thinks: He took the bait. Now we'll see what happens...-

Adam: Now... au revoir... -leaves-

-music ends-

Later on.....

[Persona 3 Ost - Joy]

Peppermint: I didn't know you knew to be that mature and.... Charming.... -blushes slightly- -they are on the roof of the building-

Jacob: Had to think of something. Besides he seems a little... shady to me. Like he was trying too get in your pants or something.

Peppermint: Oh come now. He's a gentleman. Everyone says so.

Jacob: You can't always believe what everyone says peppermint.

Peppermint: Hmph. Aw what do you know? XP -playfully punches his arm-

Jacob: OW. XP I'm just saying.

Peppermint: By the way... How did you know that going into the club would have potential for a story?

Jacob: I had a feeling. But you'll be able to pull it off, right?

Peppermint: Of course! It'll work for the daily papers and everything.

Jacob: Then let me go with you and watch too make sure he doesn't do anything slimy...

Peppermint: Why? D:> Don't you trust me?

Jacob: It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I don't trust Adam. Don't worry... I'm only doing this because I care about you.

Peppermint: -blushes, steel chimes play and she shines- R-Really?....

Jacob: Yes.

Peppermint: .....-looks down smiling- Ok. I'll do my best. You can come and watch but don't let him see you.....ok?

Jacob:-smiles- Ok. -gives her a shake-

-music ends-

Jacob's Voice: So we went too find the redlight club. Their friends were pretty ecstatic about it too... Especially Diane.

[Naruto OST - Naruto's Daily Life]

Diane:-slams hands down on the table in excitement, stars are in her eyes- OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! YOU LUCKY BITCH!!! *w*

Peppermint: -sweatdrops- Eh....=3='

Diane: The hottest guy in school asked you too model for him?! You know how many girls would kill too do that?! -has dreamy visions about Adam where he has his shirt off and you can see his handsomely built body- He has a body too die for and I heard that girls literally are swept up in his sexiness it leaves them speechless!!! EEEEEEEEEEEH!!! X3 I'm not one to be dirty or anything like that, but I'd totally let him pop my cherry if you catch my drift.

Peppermint: GROSS. =_=' That's not the point of why I want too go in there!

Diane: Oh. Of course the story!

Tsuchina:-comes in and takes off the bunny suit, throws it at Diane's head- I hate this stupid bunny suit!!! DX

Diane:-gets up and comically gets in her face- HEY! What's the big idea shrimp puff?! >

Tsuchina:-pushes her forehead back with her own- Your stupid bunny suit idea backfired just like I thought it would you big-boobed bimbo!!!


Tsuchina: GRIZZLY GUSH!!!

Diane: WHITE-WASHED WINDBAG!!! -their large chests press against each other,both growl-

Peppermint: GIRLS! D:> Now's not the time to argue!

Tsuchina & Diane:-look at peppermint & stop arguing-

Peppermint: Why? What's wrong?

Tsuchina: Didn't you hear? Adam Loupose is gonna take pictures of me for the school yearbook at the redlight club!

Peppermint: !!!!!!

-music stops-

Tsuchina: What?....Don't you know about him?

Jacob: Know what?

Tsuchina: ...I did some snooping about that club recently. I went a bit....incognito. And I've seen the things he's been doing in there. He takes girls in...and then romances them until he...well...

Jacob: Ahhh, so that little French-Boy is trying too romance girls by using a club to his benefit. He's nothing more than a horny pervert trying to get his dick wet.

Peppermint: Now hold on guys! This cant be true. D= ...Tsuchina are you sure about this?

Tsuchina: I'm completely sure! Why?.....Because he tried it on me once....

Peppermint, Diane, & Jacob: ?!?!?!

Loki: And now we present too you viewers out there a flashback WHEEEEE!!!! -scene transitions too a flash back-

To all the readers in the audience, You have been warned.

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Vampire no Mori]

Tsuchina's Voice: I went in there too see what was up... and then....things got.. sort of racy....

Adam:-is kissing Tsuchina-

Tsuchina: Mmmmm.... -stops him- Wait... this is too sudden....

Adam: Oh... come now mon Cherie.... -shoves his hand in her panties, is fingering her on the inside-

Tsuchina: AAAAH!! Stop it....not there....

Adam: I can tell you like what I have...someone of your beauty deserves this kind of treatment... -kisses her neck- You deserve too be loved... -kisses it again on the front side- Caressed.. -kisses her cheek- And laid down.... -kisses her lips-

Tsuchina: Mmmm...-hand twitches, stops him- STOP! I'm not ready for this kind of THING!! -blasts him away with wind-

Adam: GAH!!! -hits the wall, is out for right now-

Tsuchina:-heads first thing for the door and leaves immediately-

-flashback ends-

Tsuchina:-shivers- He tried too touch me in my bad spots....I felt so violated...

Diane: No fucking way that's real. D=>

Peppermint: -shivers in fear a bit- What if....what if he tries that with me?

Jacob:-puts his hand on Peppermint's hand- ...Don't worry. He wont. Because I'll be there...

Peppermint:-smiles- going in there.

Diane: Are you sure you don't wanna just... switch with me? Because I actually want too get violated by him. O3O

Peppermint: No...he said me and me only. So I'm going in there....ready Jacob?


Jacob's Voice: And we went too the Redlight club....let's just hope there's not much else too this French pervert than meets the eye...... Considering he's an okami and all.

-music ends-


Peppermint:-enters the room where the redlight club is- Hello?

Adam: Bonjour Mon Cherie!

Peppermint: !!!

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Kyouki]

Adam: Welcome too 'ze Redlight club! I am glad too have you here with me. Are you ready?

Peppermint: Yes! Let's do it! ^w^

Adam: Oh believe me...we will.

Peppermint:-nervous sweatdrops-

Jacob: -hiding the vents atop the class room, using his stealth skills-.....-looks sharply at Adam-

Peppermint:-strips down too her bra & Panties- this?

Adam: Oh my...YES...YES!! OUI OUI MADAME!!! OwO

-music switches-

[Naruto OST - Sexiness]

Adam: Oh your body is beautiful mon Cherie! -starts taking pictures of her- Work it mademoiselle!! WORK IT!

Peppermint: -poses sexually in lingerie-

Jacob:-sees, and holding his nosebleed- -thinks: As much as I like this... I can't blow my cover right now.-

-after the picture taking is done-

Peppermint:-takes a breather- *sigh*....

Adam: C'est Manifique madame!!! You have truly taken ze best picutres I Have ever seen! :3

Peppermint: Thank you.

Adam:-takes her hand- You are truly 'ze most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on.....-inches up close too her- Someone like you... should not be taken for granted.. -runs his hand down her side-

Peppermint:-glares at him- I KNEW IT. > -grabs his hand-

Adam: !??! Que faites-vous ?!

Peppermint: Your using this club to have sex with okami girls!!! THIS Is the scoop the newspaper club has been looking for! > And I caught you red-handed! Your gonna be totally exposed!

Adam: ?!?!? GRRRH....You....-his voice sounds slightly different- YOU LITTLE BITCH!!! -slaps peppermint-


Jacob: ?!?!?!??!

Adam:-voice sounds completely different- I have gotten away with this for far too long! and if you think I'm gonna let someone like you spoil it for me! YOU'RE WRONG! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEAAHAHAHAHAHA....NOW COME HERE MY DELICATE LITTLE FLOWER!!! -ooze starts jutting out from his arms-

Peppermint:-gasp- WHAT THE?!!? -is rubbing her cheek-

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Kyoudai no Teki]

Adam:-suddenly turns into a fat, slimy monster made up of green goo- HEHEHEHEHEHAAHAHAHAHAHAH......

Loki: He is known as a Gūname okami! Gūname okami are made up of slimy goop that allow them too steal a person's chi and take the form of whoever they like! WHEEEE!!!!

Adam: Now come here and let me have you!!! I DESERVE ALL THE GIRLS IN THIS SCHOOL!!! I AM ADAM LOUPOSE!!!

Peppermint: Your not Adam....your some kind of gooey MONSTER!!! -is slapped again-

Adam: I'll fucking show you....YOU LITTLE CUNT!!! PREPARE TO TASTE MY GOO!!! HEHEHEHEHAA.A....... -turns his slimey goo into tentacles, is about to rape her-

Peppermint:-gasps- NO...HELP JACOB!!!!

Adam: NOW TAKE THIS....TAKE IT ALL YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! -lunges his tentacles at her-

Jacob:-bursts through the roof and slashes through Adam with a folding knife in his hand, with the blade coated in demonic energy-

-music stops-

Adam: GGGGWWAAAHH!!! -is slashed down and all the goop disperses-

Peppermint:-is covered in it, looks like somebody climaxed all over her- EW....I've got green goo all over me...DX

[Persona 3 OST - Master of Tartarus]

Jacob: -stands up, in a Assassin stance, while holding his knife, with a glare in his eyes- Now you fucked up...

Adam:-his appearance is completely different, he stands up and is a fat, ugly okami being- NO...MY SHAPESHIFTING POWER!!!! DX

Peppermint:-gasp- I KNEW IT! Your not Adam!

???: Ok real name is POPPON!!! And you will not stop me from getting all the girls in this school!!!! -sends his tentacles after Jacob-

Jacob:-jumps up and dodges quickly-

Poppon: When I absorb your chi and take your power I'll have that little tasty treat of a girl there all too myself!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Jacob: Not if I can help it! -Soaks the blade in some liquid, then coats it in a shit ton of gunpowder, then chucks it at Poppon's center-

Poppon: ?!!?!?

Jacob: -has a flame lit on his finger- Perverts like you need to learn your place. -tosses the little dancing flame onto the knife, and it ignites the gunpowder-

Poppon: OH NO! AHHHHHHH!!! -explodes-

Peppermint:-is covering her eyes, looks up and sees the black smoke from the explosion- Jake?...-gasp- HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! O_O YOU...

Jacob:-blew a hole through the wall- ...Well, atleast I hardly used my powers. Just science.

Poppon:-is out cold with a giant hole in his slimy midsection -- @_@

-music ends-


Jacob: Hey atleast he's out.

-muffling sounds are heard-

Jacob: ???? -hears them- What's that?

Peppermint:-looks up and sees a closet- Sounds like it's coming from that closet? D:

Jacob & Peppermint: -walk over to the closet and open it-

The REAL Adam:-is tied up and mouth is duct taped shut, mumbles too untie him and remove the tape from his mouth-

Jacob:-rips it off of his face-


Peppermint & Jacob:-cover their ears and grimace-

Adam: Putain!!!... -breathes heavily- Merci have saved my life. D=

Jacob: Hold up. Are you the REAL Adam Loupose?

Adam: Oui Monsieur! Please untie me!

Jacob: Alright then. -takes him from the closet and unties him-

Adam: Merci madame...I was trapped in 'zere for two days! That monstrosity Poppon captured me and took my chi! As well as the chi & virginity of several other girls in 'ze school! He tarnished my reputation! DX

Peppermint: Don't worry! Now that we've exposed the truth...We can set things straight! Right Jake?

Jacob: -looks at Peppermint- Damn right.

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Gakuen Seikatsu]

Jacob's Voice: Dear Zachary, Mike, Corey, Jared & Rose, It's my 2nd week at Okami Academy...and well shit got crazy. I almost got eaten alive by some weird fish dogs. And a weird gooey pervert tried to rape one of the first friends I ever made in this school. But other than that...things have been chill...I've joined a nice Newspaper club... and made new friends along the way. I've also had too see...."Her" twice now. She's terrifying...but I don't think it's nothing I cant handle. So, I'll write you guys again soon. Hope too see you around in San Fran once I come back during the summer....Also...could you send a care package?...I'm gonna need a way too pay for these damages....


Jacob: Yeah. That's what happened.

Diane: This is gold! It's the perfect scoop for our club! Good work Jake! -shoves his face in her breasts-

Jacob: MMPH!!

Peppermint: HEY! D:<

Diane: I always knew I could count on you Jakey! ^w^ -Jake is pulled from her boobs-

Peppermint:-is pulling on him- He's not your boob toy y'know!!! >

Diane: Well you shouldn't be so selfish with him! > -pulls on his arm-

Peppermint: Let go! Diane: NO YOU LET GO!

Tsuchina:-pulls on Jaocb's shirt- NO BOTH of you let go! HE'S MINE DAMMIT! DX

Girls:-argue and fight Over Jacob, all of them press their huge chests against him-

Jaocb:-thinks: Great fucking scott, this is getting old...-

Adam:-whistles- Bonjour?

Diane:-looks at Adam,squeals- OH MY GOD!!! OwO IT'S HIM!!!

Adam:-comes in holding a rose- I do hope I am not interrupting? I just wanted too thank you all for restoring my reputation. Adam Loupose is once again the rightful owner of 'ze redlight club! And I have you too thank...-holds Peppermint's hand- Mon Cherie.

Peppermint: O3O -blushes- Oh my...

Jacob: -thinks: Are you serious...?-

Adam: Merci beaucoup mi Amour. You have allowed me too once again pursue the beauty of the okami body. Blessed be the day that I found you! -kisses her hand over and over-

Jacob: -holds his knife in front of him- You want to get exploded like Poppon?

Adam: -squeals like a girl- O_O' NO MONSIEUR!!! PLEASE DONT HURT ME!!! -cowers in the corner-

Jacob: That's what I- . . . . Hold on, what the fuck?

Diane: O3O....

Tsuchina: All this time...he was a coward? O_O'

Jacob: Apparently... -puts away his knife-

Peppermint: Hey...Jacob? I need to get something off my chest....

Jacob:-looks at Peppermint- ??? Huh?

Peppermint: I was a little worried how you pulled me away from Poppon when he was flirting with me... Even when you instigated me joining.... I now know you were just looking out for me, and wanted to help me grow stronger... Your the best friend a girl could ask for! ^^

Jacob: -smiles a little- ...No problem Pepsi-chan.

Peppermint:-blushes- Pepsi-chan?

Jacob: Yeah. It's my new nickname for you.

Peppermint:-smiles back at him- I like it. X3 Hehehe!

-someone walks in-

?????: I heard the newspaper club has gotten a big scoop...

-music ends-

Diane, Tsuchina, Adam, Jacob & Peppermint: -all look at ????-

Diane: Yeah? What about-gasp-

Ginta:-is the president of the newspaper club-

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Churu Churu Paya Paya]

Ginta: Well Well Well. Looks like we've got some new recruits. Welcome.

Jacob: Hey.... -thinks: Another pretty boy?- -is ran over by Tsuchina & Diane- OW!!!

Tsuchina & Diane: OH MY GINTA! OwO

Diane: Have we got the scoop for you! ^w^

Tsuchina: He's so gorgeous... OwO

Ginta:-his face shines- Aw come on now girls calm down. ^^ -walks over to Jacob- Who's this guy? He doesn't seem to have ears....or a tail.

Jacob: Uhh...Uhh well I-

Peppermint: He's with us! He's just hiding his tail & Ears for now using chi that's all! ^^' -sweatdrop-

Ginta: Oh..ok. Well I'm Ginta. The president of this place.

Jacob: I'm Jacob Uchiha-

Diane: His name is Jacob Uchiha! And he's such a cutie! Arent you Jakey? -presses her chest in his face- ^w^

Tsuchina: HEY!!! GET OUT OF HIS FACE TITS MCGEE!!! > -pulls on Jacob's arm-

Diane: Let go windbag!! >

Peppermint:-vein mark- How many times do I have too tell you guys....

Tsuchina & Diane & Jacob:-all look at Peppermint-

Peppermint:-dives at Jacob with her arms out- JACOB'S MINE!!! -bites him and makes the sexual moaning sound- MMMHMmmm.....


-later on, in the night-

Poppon: -is recovering in his dorm- Damn that Jacob... I swear I'll have my revenge! I'll just go to the Disciplinary Committee and- ?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Before he can finish his monologue, a familiar knife is seen slashing at his head for a moment, only to be stopped point blank at his skull...

Poppon: -looks up with his eyes in the mirror, and sees Jacob, is actually scared-

Jacob: -has a dark look in his face with his sharingan activated- Move, and I will kill you... Use Chi, and I will kill you... Make a sound, and I will kill you... If you understand.... Close your eyes...

Poppon: -slowly closes eyes, still scared shitless-

Jacob: Do you know what happens when you fuck up?... If you know, open your eyes... Look me in the mirror and listen carefully...

Poppon: -sweating out of fear, then opens eyes, looking at him through the reflection-

Jacob: -has a calm smile while retaining the dark look in his face- ...Never show your filthy face around this school again.... If you do.... I will kill you.... If you understand, Blink.

Poppon: ... -blinks once-

-scene slowly transitions to the next day-

Male Okami: Yo, you heard about Poppon in the recent newspaper? Apparently he dropped out and left this school

Male Okami 2: Really? That guy in the newspaper? He's runnin' away? Yeesh, what a pussy.

Male Okami 3: He better run, otherwise he'd be killed by the angry chicks.

Poppon: -is seen moving away on the bus, although still having a terrified look on his face-

It was clear. Poppon had to get as far away from Jacob as he could. The death threat had haunted him until he complied to whatever he told him to do. He didn't care where he had to go. As long as it was away from Jacob, he would be fine.

Jacob: -was watching him leave- -smirks- Good. Less blood on my hands.

Dahlia's Voice: What did you do?

Jacob: ?!

Dahlia's Voice: Relax, I'm only talking in your mind. I'm able to do so due to your connection with the orb...

Jacob: Oh. And to answer your question, nothing in particular. Just tied up a loose end.

Dahlia's Voice: By threatening a lowly pervert?

Jacob: He had the nerve to snitch to the Disciplinary Committee. Snitches are lower than perverts.

Dahlia's Voice: Whatever floats your boat...

.: To Be Continued :.

[Rosario + Vampire OST - Churu Churu Paya Paya]

.: Next Episode Preview :.

Jacob: Hey Pepsi-chan. I got a bad feeling about this Ginta guy...

Tsuchina: You said that about Adam too!

Jacob: Yeah, and I was RIGHT!

Diane: Hold that thought! Someone's peeping on girls in the locker rooms, and even their dorms!

Jacob: Huh?!

Ginta: Oh don't worry, I'm sure we'll catch this bastard... -smirks-

Peppermint: Next time, Locker Room And a Demon! And another-bites Jacob's neck, makes the moaning sound again- Mmmmmmmm.....


-scene changes to a highly advanced science lab-

Aeon: -is a light skinned guy with white hair, purple eyes, and advanced tech clothes that are black and purple, sitting on a chair- Hi, I'm Aeon Jikan. I do the scientific analysis on what seems to be impossible. Today we're going to talk about Jacob's knife and how he used it in combat.

-screen shows Jacob slashing through Poppon-

Aeon: You'll see that Jacob has coated his knife in demonic energy to cut through Poppon's slimy body. Normally, slashes would just pass right through. But here, it's a little more... complex. Lemme explain.

-camera zooms in on the blade, and the demonic energy around it-

Aeon: What's actually happening is that Jacob is spinning the energy around the blade at high speeds, at 110 to 120 MPH. Making it function like a chainsaw, only twice as fast.

-the next thing on the screen is Jacob's finishing tactic-

Aeon: Now on to Jacob turning his knife into an explosive. First, Jacob had to submerge his blade into a liquid that's explosive. This would be a mixture of nitromethane and ethylene diamine. The mixture would then spread inside Poppon's slimy body, since slime contains water. Then all Jacob had to do was toss even a tiny fireball on to Poppon, then he explodes like a bomb. Enough to blow open a wall, like C4.

-the screen then goes black-

Aeon: WELL! This has certainly been fun. I'll be here the next time Jacob pulls off something worthy of scientific explanation! See you later!

-segment ends-

Okami + Demon Episode 5
DEAR LUCIFER, I need to get more involved with my stories!

Synopsis: In the Newspaper Club, Jacob and his friends seem a tad short on ideas of how to sell their papers faster. That's when Diane came up with a sexually devious idea in mind... To dress herself, Peppermint and Tsuchina, in Bunny Suits! Surprisingly, it worked, much to Jacob's passing out due to the loss of his nose blood. Later on when Jacob and Peppermint share a tender moment together, The French Okami from before, Adam, interrupts them. Adam starts hitting on Peppermint, trying to persuade her into joining the newspaper club. This almost angers Jacob, but then comes up with a counter-tactic. To "charm" Peppermint back into his arms, much to Adam's anger. And on the fly, Jacob hatches another idea in his head. Due to Adam's apparent shady behavior, the dirty blonde teen whispers to Peppermint to Join the redlight club in order to search for any dirt theycan write new stories on. Peppermint agrees to do so, as she accepts Adam's offer. Later on, Tsuchina reveals to them that Adam actually tried to molest her. This confirms Jacob's fast-acting suspicions about Adam. So when Peppermint starts to model for Adam, the latter starts to come on to her. That's when Peppermint exposes Adam for his lecherous actions. This angers him, and causes him to mutate into a slimy blob monster. When he attacks the beautiful pink okami, she calls out for Jacob's help, as he bursts in and saves Peppermint at the last second. "Adam" reveals himself to be Poppon, as he's using Adam's face to twist the redlight club into his own sick desires. Jacob easily defeats Poppon using scientific maneuvers. Then he and Peppermint rescue the REAL Adam. Later on at night, as Poppon recovers and plans to inform the Disciplinary committee about Jacob, the latter breaks into his dorm and threatens to Kill him, if he does not leave Okami Academy for good. The next morning, he is seen leaving in a bus in fear, much to Jacob's delight, and Dahlia's surprise, as she was talking to him in his mind.
Catch Fire
You gotta fight! You gotta start a riot...

So Let's wake up... Your Sleeping Lioooon!!!!

Catch Fire! Catch, Catch Fire!(Wake Up the Sleeping Lion)

And Use.... Your Mind!!!

Catch Fire! Catch, Catch Fire!(Wake Up the Sleeping Lion)

Do you feel.... Alive!!!

Don't Let it Getcha down!

Jenix - Catch Fire

WHEW! This took nearly FOREVER To get these done. And now... EXPLANATION!!!

Jacob, David and Nureta are few of the rare who possess the Flames of Emotion, a flame within its host born from its emotions, that can burn through logic itself. Eternal Flare is when the user uses the full power of these flames, causing them to transform and boost their skills, even amp their weapons. Kyoshoku's Death Sabre into Nova Sabre, David's Blaze Sword into Inferno Knives, and Nureta's Thalessa Devil Sword into Scalding Trident.

Of course, if you want to view them separately You can. PS, the Auras were inspired by the saiyan god auras from dragon balls super

Nureta (c) DXAwesomeBringer64
David (c) DavidTH90Animations
Because why the hell not

The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the 6 deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list!

1. AceofspadesTH Spades Second Keyblade idle by AceofspadesTH  20 Sec anim letter 3 by AceofspadesTH  Tow 15 part 1 by AceofspadesTH  Tow 15 part 1 by AceofspadesTH  TOW Side story Finale by AceofspadesTH
2. KuroiSpeedster55 Jayde all Forms Updated by KuroiSpeedster55  Time Breaker Bardock Super Saiyan Rose by KuroiSpeedster55  Naruto by KuroiSpeedster55  Zenryoku de, ikuze!! by KuroiSpeedster55  Super Sonic Blue Kaioken by KuroiSpeedster55
3. JamaicanHedgie08 JH vs Amber (Under Mind Control) by JamaicanHedgie08  Eddsworld Blade by JamaicanHedgie08  Geoff's Birthday Collab by JamaicanHedgie08  JH and Forest fight Fleetway by JamaicanHedgie08  [REQUEST] Busty Neapolitan by JamaicanHedgie08


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Jacob/Kyoshoku Alraed Uchiha
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Name: Jacob Kasai Uchiha
Age: 21
Age in Real Life: 18
Nicknames: Fireball, RaienRyu, The Blazing Fucker, Flaming Uchiha, Dark Thunder, Black Storm, Awesome Bringer's Friendly Neighborhood Dragon Slayer, The Hollow Nephilim, Neo Sin of Wrath, Pizza Lovin' Fool, Stack Attraction(ask me if you have no idea what that means), Natsu the 2nd(LOL).

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J : People Adore you.
A : Easy to fall in love with.
C : You are really silly.
O : Crazy.
B : You like people.

K : You're wild and crazy.
A : Easy to fall in love with.
S : You are dead sexy.
A : Easy to fall in love with.
I : You are popular with all types of people.

U : You really like to chill.
C : You are really silly.
H: You are Quirky.
I : You are popular with all types of people.
H: You are Quirky.
A : Easy to fall in love with.


1: "Yeeeaaaah, I'm gonna go with no..."
2: "I'm gonna stab your face... IN THE FACE..."
3: "Oi, what else is new?"
5: "....Oh, I'm sorry. Were you sayin' something?"

Habits: Fighting, Harem Guy(Lolwhut?), Pizza Eater, Throws cars at people.

Relationship Status: Taken
Married to: Nureta Mizukan Uchiha

Relationship Status in Real Life: Single

Sonic OCs:
Jacob Uchiha
Kai Uchiha
Edward Kurai
Zachary Dembrowski
Jared Supaku
Nureta Mizukan Uchiha
Peppermint Izayoi The Crimson Hedgewolf
Libra Agurio
Jackson Winson
Aeon Jikan
Michael Macgrath
Shawn Kyogeki
Dondre Raion
Yuki Hono
Kireina Uchiha
Demon Lord of the Storms, Taka

Okami + Demon OCs(Main Cast):
Jacob Uchiha
Peppermint Sotoyomai
Dahlia Ura
Diane Morigani
Tsuchina Kazeguruma
Kakaguchi Moyasu
Solistine Mōfubuki
Libra Agurio
Ginta Suzukan
Adam Loupose

Human OCs:
Jacob Celot
Kai Celot
Nureta Dekishi

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